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Things I find funny!

Guitar Hero Three

I picked up Guitar Hero 3 today.  I was waiting outside Bestbuy for about 10 minutes before they opened. The guy behind me in line was kind of an idiot. He thought the lineup outside the store very  good for Apple OSX Leopard.  Why would there be a line of 50 people outside Bestbuy for a new version of an Apple OS?  Then when someone told him the lineup was actually for Guitar Hero 3 he had no clue what it was.  Haha, well this guys stupidity made for an interesting story.  Guitar Hero 3 doesn’t really bring much new to the table.  After just beating the game already on medium I can tell that I hate the guitar battles.  I can easily play through songs and do decently but the guitar battles require some strategy and plain old good luck.  I have yet to play the game online but it should be fun duking it out online.  So many good games right now and so little time.  I have a lot more guitar hero to play and I still have Halo 3 to beat on legendary.  I wonder how much my school will be suffering because of all this :)

The Truth about Working Too Hard

I just read a Dilbert comic and it shows a great truth about working too hard on a project and completing it  ahead of schedule.  When you complete a project ahead of schedule all the future goals and expectations will be modified and be set as though you  are working at the higher level.  So sometimes you really have to look at the disadvantages of working too hard or completing things ahead of schedule.  If by completing one thing quickly it will raise all the expectations of you, then you have to wonder what will be your motivation for doing it.  Since working extra hard without any sort of reward can become a demotivational.  One of the things about good management is that a boss will know what to expect from his workers and to know when something is done with greater than normal effort.  Also, positive reinforcement of a job well done will go a long way, but only so far.  There may also be a point where monetary bonus could be effective ways at increasing the effort levels further.

TMNT Arrive on Xbox360 Live Arcade

Thats right, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be making their way to the Xbox Live Arcade this week.  On Wednesday, March 14, you will be able to buy the game for a mere 400 points.  I believe that the timing on this arcade game is partially to coincide with the upcoming Turtles movie which is due to be released March 23, 2007 and is looking pretty good I might add.  Also coming out right away is the TMNT game for the Xbox 360 which should be released March 20, 2007.  This is a great time for Turtles fans!  With all these Turtles announcements, it makes me want to buy the old TV shows and get out my action figures…

Mac Vs. PC Commercials

I really dislike all those Mac Vs. PC commercials.  I use a PC all the time and don’t consider it to be solely a “business” platform like they keep trying to say in the commercials.  They continually say I am unable to do fun things, which is a lie.  Also, looking at games, how often does that Apple guy get to play new fun games.. never, since Mac doesn’t have games (don’t try to say WoW and Warcraft 3).  Well enough of Mac vs PC, I ran across another spoof commerical.  This video is kind of old but its the PS3 vs. Nintendo.  Although I will disagree a little bit with it, I generally think its pretty funny though.  I just wonder what an Xbox 360 girl would look like in that style commercial?

Michael Richards Update

Well not really an update, but more of a collection of links.  Incase you don’t know about what went on, Michael Richards (aka Kramer from Seinfeld), was at a comedy club and he was heckled by a couple people.  These people were black and Michael Richards responded to their heckling with some very harsh racist comments.  This was all captured on video and his career was pretty much finished.  He then goes on the Late Show with David Letterman for a chance to apologize.  This could be seen as successful or unsuccessful depending on your opinion.

Tonight, I found a funny video that mashes up Seinfeld, and the above clips into a very entertaining piece.  The editing and the clips work very well and the entire thing kept me entertained.  Check it out.

Early Digg Video from The ScreenSavers

The Techcrunch blog uncovered an early video of digg. Kevin Rose was presenting the site on The Screen Savers back in December 2004. The reason I found the video interesting is the way in which Kevin was describing the whole thing. He kept talking about the site as if it wasn’t actually his. In reality, Kevin was one of the founding members of the site, and this whole self promotion without letting anyone know its his site seems kind of deceptive. I don’t really know why he wasn’t more upfront with the matter that it was his. Maybe the producers at G4TV wouldn’t have allowed him to show it has they known. Either way, I remember that it wasn’t long after this video that he actually quit G4. Regardless, the video itself shows off a very old version of Digg with a lot less features and an uglier design. Take a look here.

Shopkeeper punches out motorist and his car

On October 16, a shopkeeper (Wasek Safrah) at a mini mall in Ossining, NY didn’t like the way an employee at another store parked.  He punched the guy’s car causing a dent, then got a forklift and attempted to move the car.  He also punched the driver in the mouth.  He didn’t succeed in moving the car.  The police officer in the article just sounds stupid.  “We don’t know what his intention was” — Since the guy wasn’t going to move his car, he was going to move it for him; it makes perfect sense.  This guy is a hero in many peoples eyes.  How many times have you ever been angry with the way someone parked but didn’t do anything about it.  It is too bad that he was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and assault.  After hearing about he forklift, I wish the video was on youtube.

Source – CBC

The Politics of Ottawa

Over in Ottawa, the federal government is becoming saturated with off-topic back and forth jarring over Peter MacKay and Belinda Stronach. This is an interesting story that goes back a long time now. They used to be a couple but that ended when Belinda left the conservatives and joined up with the Liberals. So much for commitment. Time goes on but it doesn’t seem to heal any of Peter’s wounds. Now last week, a tape and transcript of a conversation show up with MacKay allegedly calling Belinda a dog. So now the government is going back and forth on whether he should be appologizing to her for his comments. He denies making the comments and will not appolgize, and the Prime Minister, Steven Harper, fully supports him. Now, hopefully, the speaker has closed the matter saying he did not hear the comment. That begs the question, what if he had heard the comment? Does that mean the government should spend its time discussing some name calling? What about the more important things that should be worked on like legislation and debate? The outcome now is almost certain, MacKay will continue to deny it since changing his mind now will lead to accusations of lieing. Most likely in the next week, something new will come up for all the politicians to get distracted by!

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I’m working today . . surprise surprise. I need to bank my EDO for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert on Sept. 19th, so I’ll just have to live through a longer work week. Good thing we had that holiday on Monday or I’d really be complaining. In other news around the globe, the shuttle launch this morning was scrubbed. They will try it again tomorrow. I’ll make sure to watch it, since I always watch the shuttle launches.

Something funny I saw; the Wolf Big Breakfast show with Chris and Balzy had a wood chipper outside today. They were supposidly chipping anything Bombers or Huskies. They made it seem like this was actually happening, by saying “I’m putting a bomber flag into the chipper”. From my vantage point in the office I could see Balzy putting stuff into the chipper, but it was just old branches. Not banjos or flags! Bunch of liers, haha. It was still interesting radio though.