I’m working today . . surprise surprise. I need to bank my EDO for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert on Sept. 19th, so I’ll just have to live through a longer work week. Good thing we had that holiday on Monday or I’d really be complaining. In other news around the globe, the shuttle launch this morning was scrubbed. They will try it again tomorrow. I’ll make sure to watch it, since I always watch the shuttle launches.

Something funny I saw; the Wolf Big Breakfast show with Chris and Balzy had a wood chipper outside today. They were supposidly chipping anything Bombers or Huskies. They made it seem like this was actually happening, by saying “I’m putting a bomber flag into the chipper”. From my vantage point in the office I could see Balzy putting stuff into the chipper, but it was just old branches. Not banjos or flags! Bunch of liers, haha. It was still interesting radio though.

One thought on “Friday”

  1. Working 5 days this week would be a cruel an unusual punishment indeed! I’m feeling overworked too because I had to set my alarm to 10 am so I could get an email sent off before noon.

    I expect to see the bombers themselves go through a wood chipper this sunday :)

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