The Politics of Ottawa

Over in Ottawa, the federal government is becoming saturated with off-topic back and forth jarring over Peter MacKay and Belinda Stronach. This is an interesting story that goes back a long time now. They used to be a couple but that ended when Belinda left the conservatives and joined up with the Liberals. So much for commitment. Time goes on but it doesn’t seem to heal any of Peter’s wounds. Now last week, a tape and transcript of a conversation show up with MacKay allegedly calling Belinda a dog. So now the government is going back and forth on whether he should be appologizing to her for his comments. He denies making the comments and will not appolgize, and the Prime Minister, Steven Harper, fully supports him. Now, hopefully, the speaker has closed the matter saying he did not hear the comment. That begs the question, what if he had heard the comment? Does that mean the government should spend its time discussing some name calling? What about the more important things that should be worked on like legislation and debate? The outcome now is almost certain, MacKay will continue to deny it since changing his mind now will lead to accusations of lieing. Most likely in the next week, something new will come up for all the politicians to get distracted by!

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