Early Digg Video from The ScreenSavers

The Techcrunch blog uncovered an early video of digg. Kevin Rose was presenting the site on The Screen Savers back in December 2004. The reason I found the video interesting is the way in which Kevin was describing the whole thing. He kept talking about the site as if it wasn’t actually his. In reality, Kevin was one of the founding members of the site, and this whole self promotion without letting anyone know its his site seems kind of deceptive. I don’t really know why he wasn’t more upfront with the matter that it was his. Maybe the producers at G4TV wouldn’t have allowed him to show it has they known. Either way, I remember that it wasn’t long after this video that he actually quit G4. Regardless, the video itself shows off a very old version of Digg with a lot less features and an uglier design. Take a look here.