The Truth about Working Too Hard

I just read a Dilbert comic and it shows a great truth about working too hard on a project and completing it  ahead of schedule.  When you complete a project ahead of schedule all the future goals and expectations will be modified and be set as though you  are working at the higher level.  So sometimes you really have to look at the disadvantages of working too hard or completing things ahead of schedule.  If by completing one thing quickly it will raise all the expectations of you, then you have to wonder what will be your motivation for doing it.  Since working extra hard without any sort of reward can become a demotivational.  One of the things about good management is that a boss will know what to expect from his workers and to know when something is done with greater than normal effort.  Also, positive reinforcement of a job well done will go a long way, but only so far.  There may also be a point where monetary bonus could be effective ways at increasing the effort levels further.

One thought on “The Truth about Working Too Hard”

  1. If you’re just getting your first job after university this is something you would want – a lot of good people are undervalued at first so raising expectations could get you promotions, raises, and chances to do more interesting things. That’s assuming you’re working for a company that recognizes people who do better than expected.

    Of course, another way to look at it is that you can use it to your advantage – if you want to telecommute convince your boss to try it one day every two weeks and work extra hard that day. Soon they won’t let you come in to the office because it interrupts your productivity.

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