Guitar Hero Three

I picked up Guitar Hero 3 today.  I was waiting outside Bestbuy for about 10 minutes before they opened. The guy behind me in line was kind of an idiot. He thought the lineup outside the store very  good for Apple OSX Leopard.  Why would there be a line of 50 people outside Bestbuy for a new version of an Apple OS?  Then when someone told him the lineup was actually for Guitar Hero 3 he had no clue what it was.  Haha, well this guys stupidity made for an interesting story.  Guitar Hero 3 doesn’t really bring much new to the table.  After just beating the game already on medium I can tell that I hate the guitar battles.  I can easily play through songs and do decently but the guitar battles require some strategy and plain old good luck.  I have yet to play the game online but it should be fun duking it out online.  So many good games right now and so little time.  I have a lot more guitar hero to play and I still have Halo 3 to beat on legendary.  I wonder how much my school will be suffering because of all this :)