Shopkeeper punches out motorist and his car

On October 16, a shopkeeper (Wasek Safrah) at a mini mall in Ossining, NY didn’t like the way an employee at another store parked.  He punched the guy’s car causing a dent, then got a forklift and attempted to move the car.  He also punched the driver in the mouth.  He didn’t succeed in moving the car.  The police officer in the article just sounds stupid.  “We don’t know what his intention was” — Since the guy wasn’t going to move his car, he was going to move it for him; it makes perfect sense.  This guy is a hero in many peoples eyes.  How many times have you ever been angry with the way someone parked but didn’t do anything about it.  It is too bad that he was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and assault.  After hearing about he forklift, I wish the video was on youtube.

Source – CBC