Helpful Resources for Learning Chinese

I am taking my second Chinese course of University and I have been really enjoying it.  Going to class and labs with the assignments has been really good at reinforcing the language.  By attending class and participating I can really learn the material well.  Right now I am feeling fairly confident in my abilities and I am continually impressed by how much I am learning.  I have also benefited from a couple of online resources that allow me to further advance my knowledge as well as look up what I already know.  I hope you find these resources helpful if you ever learn Chinese.

My most favorite online resource is .  This site is a great resource as I can look up Chinese characters that I don’t know the pinyin for or I can search using the pinyin or I can type out the characters and look up the meaning.  Overall I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who is learning Chinese.

Another site I really enjoy is the Chinese Flashcards on Yellowbridge.  These can be really helpful when you are trying to learn Chinese characters.  I have spent many hours doing these flashcards and they have been very beneficial in making me memorize the character, pinyin, and meaning.

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  1. Let me unabashedly flog our new site Popup Chinese as well:

    It has free podcasts, a massive dictionary, flashcards and everything else that the discriminating student should come to expect from online study sites. If you have the time, please drop by.



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