University Strike Confirmed for Friday

News Talk 980 is reporting that the University Strike is confirmed to begin right away Friday morning.   This follows the two hour rally that occurred on Tuesday.  CUPE, the union representing the workers, says that the University refuses to go back to the bargaining table and this job action is required.  School on Friday could be a whole lot more interesting.  I expect it will be things as usual tomorrow but if the strike continues through next week I expect some changes at the University.  Hopefully people know that everyone is on strike and clean up their messes.  It’s almost daily that someone spills their drink someplace and walks away from it.

**update**  The university has a webpage setup to show how the strike action is going to affect students.

One thought on “University Strike Confirmed for Friday”

  1. Wouldn’t it be a shame if copies of the newspaper’s jobs section piled up on the floor with no one to pick them up?

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