University of Regina Staff on Strike

Hundreds of University clerical, maintenance, custodial, and other staff were all on the picket line today at 11am.  The workers are looking for higher wages, benefits among other things.  The workers set up a gathering with their pickets right in the center of the University of Regina’s Academic Green.  So far today it has been classes as usual.  It is not expected the striking will affect classes or force any cancellations but that could change if there is any safety concerns.  As always I will update with any updates as they happen.  As well, people might be able to check out the webcam at the university to possibly see the strike.

**update 12am ** they have taken their marching into the building and chanting as they walk around the University.   I’m not sure how well the profs will be affected by the megaphones passing by their classrooms.  Should be interesting to see what they will do next.

**update 1pm ** the striking workers aren’t on the Academic green anymore and I can’t see them in the hallways anymore.  Maybe they are picketing someplace else around the University or they just went back to work instead.