Dell Venue 8 Pro

Sometime in December, I stumbled upon a daily deal from the Microsoft store. The online deal was for the Dell Venue 8 Pro for $199. I hadn’t done any research into the device but I thought for a full fledged Windows 8 tablet running x86, lets go for it. A couple months down the road I find that it is a very capable device which runs Windows 8 very well. This is how I imagined the OS was suppose to work. The gestures feel natural and allow for quick access to applications and the multiple apps on screen at the same time is simple to do. My custom steambox/PC also runs Windows 8 but I don’t end up using much of the OS outside of the desktop view. The Dell tablet has great battery life at just under 10 hours, which is especially good as it runs an Intel Atom processor. The processor is the latest in the Atom Bay Trail family. There have also been interesting results from people online using the tablet for gaming. I haven’t yet ventured down this path myself but by picking up an OTG cable and a USB hub I would have the ability to use my gaming mouse and keyboard. It seems surprising that it wasn’t long ago when Apple released the iPad to initial scepticism that there isn’t a market for this type of device. Now the tablet market is overtaking the PC market. It will be interesting to see what comes next, will it be wearable devices? Only time will tell. By the way, this was typed on my Dell Venue 8 Pro.