Humble Bundle – Origin Bundle *Update*

I have been getting into PC gaming lately and I recently made a donation with the Humble Bundle and got some great games. This is my second time I have donated to pick up some games. The first time was with the Deep Silver humble bundle a couple weeks ago. With the current bundle, I picked up a number of Origin titles:
Deep Space
Deep Space 3
Medal of Honor
Burnout Paradise
Crysis 2
Mirrors Edge

Battlefield 3
The Sims 3

The last two titles are given out if you make a donation larger than the average which at the moment is $4.79 and an absolute steal for the games you would get at that price. The money with this humble bundle all goes to charities and kudos to EA for not trying to turn this into a money grab. Be sure to check it out as the bundle will only last until August 28th, 2013

Origin and the Humble Bundle team expanded the bundle. Now included in the bundle is Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 and Populous. These are great additions to a very popular bundle which as of this update has sold over 1.7 million times for $8.4 million dollars. Great to see these charities doing so well.
Link: Humble Bundle