Latest Creation

I am starting up a new side project for myself. This web project will be in wiki style. I have wanted to do a homework/exercise site for a while now so this is going to be my vision of that. The main idea of the site will be a place where the users can work together to solve and discuss exercises in textbooks. Since it is a wiki, the textbooks are not going to be limited and the users have the power to add to their own desires. I am also a fan of this idea since it will allow other users to add their own changes, possibly providing alternative methods to accomplish the same ideas. I forsee a couple of problems in my head. I want this to be a tool to assist in learning and not some kind of answer key. That’s why I am trying to limit it to textbooks exercises. Also, I don’t want to infringe upon any copyrights so I am going to have to try to enforce that the solutions are user created. I have high hopes for the site and think I should have the opportunity to see them come to fruition.

In other news, Congradulations goes out again to the Selzer rink for their fine work in representing the country on their way to winning the Silver in the World Junior Curling Championship. I watched the live results on the internet and their final game looked very close. I also investigated a little, it looks like Team Russia is skipped by the same person who was just in the Olympics. So in a way, Team Selzer lost to Olympic caliber athletes, and I’m sure if they played them again they would come away with the win. Go Canada!