Time Flows

The past week has gone by without much of anything interesting happening. I have been keeping a close tab on the World Junior Curling championships in Jeonju Korea. Go Team Canada!! The official webpage for the championship hasn’t been that great and I seemed to have better luck with live results at another webpage. I sure hope they are having fun on the other side of the world.

In school news, I have a CS306 assignment due on Monday. That brings up another interesting fact; I raised the mark of my midterm by 10% by argueing with the prof about bits and bytes. . . He had given me 0 marks out of 10 on a question about the data rate of a T1 line. He told us about how there are 24 – 8 bit characters with 1 additional bit for framing. I did the calculation by using bytes not bits. I even made sure to point out that 8 bits = 1 byte. My final answer was 193KBps. So when I get it back with a zero I wasn’t sure what I did wrong. He even wrote a line “I don’t follow”. Needless to say, I argued this and explained it to him. In the end I got 8/10 , since he said my units were wrong. Don’t ask me how it was wrong since he didn’t specify he wanted it in bits. So since the test was out of 75, the arguement paid off.

8 bits = 1 byte