Winter 2006 Semester

Today is Tuesday Nov. 21. AKA the day I get to choose classes for the Winter 2006 semester of school. Next semester I planned on choosing classes I am required to take with only a couple of electives. I was worried that the classes I wanted would end up being full so I made sure to wake up early so I could register at 9am. I ended up choosing CS290AF (elective), CS306, CS340, Econ 202(elective) and Chinese 100(elective). So I guess it turns out I’m taking 3 electives but the CS elective is related so it could be considered a part of my major. I like Economics so I’m taking another Econ class. This Economics class is going to be about Macroeconomics. Finally, I registered for Chinese 100. This class should be really easy and I just hope they don’t think I’m too knowledgeable for it. It might require me playing stupid the first few classes so I don’t look suspicious.