Xbox Series X

With the new Xbox Series X just weeks away I thought it would be great time to update the blog. It has been almost five years since the last post and just like bumping a dead thread back, here I am. The new Xbox release is exciting times as it gives a fresh start to the console cycle and resets the status quo. The launch of this new console may be lacking a must have game but the performance boost coming to older games will make this worthwhile. The improved loading times and framerates will give me reason to play some of my back catalogue that seems to be never ending and growing continuously due to Game Pass. This brings me to my next topic of how great a deal Microsoft has with Game Pass. This catalogue of titles and day-one releases, being further supplemented with the EA Play catalogue, is an outstanding value. I rarely have to buy a game and yet I am being flooded with content.

Games I’ll be playing on day one:
Gears Tactics
Call of Duty Warzone
Destiny 2
Halo MCC
Borderlands 3