Fall 2014 Console Gaming

It was back during E3 that Amazon was having an awesome sale on pre-order games. They would offer 30% off when you preordered 3 or more games. I thought, I may as well preorder a bunch and save some money, especially if I intended to pick them up when they were coming out. I pre-ordered Destiny (PS4), Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4), Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (360), Halo Master Chief Collection (XboxOne), and Halo 5 (XboxOne).

I received the first game, Destiny, a day after its release date on Sept 10th. I was charged $43.95 for the game which is substantially less than I would have paid at retail $69.99 before tax. So far I have really enjoyed the game and finally have a game that I can play online with friends as everyone I know has the game. I have to play it a lot right now because the next game in my pre-order, Borderlands, should arrive around October 14. Then after that, I should receive Call of Duty around Nov 4, and then Halo Collection around Nov 11. It’s going to be busy times with lots of quality releases coming out for the holiday season this year.