Computer Science Grad Banquet

I was at the Computer Science Grad Banquet, Thursday March 23, 2006. I had a really great time at the event. Many of the guests were from the IT industry in Regina. Larry Symes was the guest of honour for the event. I first met Larry when I was working at CVIC in China. During Larry’s address to the guests he got me to stand up and he mentioned how he got to know me from the visit to China. Again, almost 6 months after I finished working in China, I am still being reminded of what a great opportunity it was for me to work their.

The food at the Queensbury Center was really good. My favourite was all the deserts. I had a piece of lemon marange pie, and a piece of cherry pie. The main course was turkey, which was cooked just right.

Pictures:Larry Symes – Matthew Demyen, far
Larry Symes – Matthew Demyen, near