E-Book Reader

I haven’t been much of a book reader my whole life but the thought of having a library worth of books on me at one time seems intriguing. The technology in e-book readers have been coming along and its just a matter of time before I jump in and grab one. On one hand there is the Kindle with its tie in to Amazon which is a fantastic idea and then on the other is something like the Sony PRS-300 which allows for more openness in its formats. I know I would be the type to choose the open platform and not always has it been a Sony device that falls into this category. The battery life on the Sony is about 6800 page flips and it stores 440mb worth of data.

The decision I will have to end up making is whether a device like an ebook reader is a device that is doing just one task when another device on the horizon, the Apple iPad seems to be the type that can perform a wide range of tasks. What will end up being a deciding factor for me will be availability of unlimited 3G in Canada. If Apple pulls through and does that for all of us Canadians, I would be more inclined to grab an Apple iPad for my e-book needs.