Xbox Live Fall 2007 Update

Microsoft is set to debut its Fall 2007 update for the Xbox 360 tomorrow,  December 4th.  This will be a really big update and it shows that Microsoft is listening to its users.  The big feature that I’m looking forward to getting is the DIVX and Xvid support. This will be a really big improvement over the existing WMV support.  A lot of the other features are forgettable as they are just improvements made to existing features I don’t use.  Such as more parental control.  Another big thing coming out is the Xbox Originals where you can download select Xbox games to be played off the hard drive.  This could be cool depending on how many games they offer and if its possible to delete and redownload these games for free as my hard drive would be full pretty quick.  Another feature is the Xbox Live Arcade Hits where they are offering older Arcade titles at discounted prices.  Right now I  don’t see anything that I don’t already have or anything I want but that doesn’t mean they won’t add something new to the list.  I am looking forward to that one in the future for sure.  Lastly, a feature that I don’t really think is that important but they are hyping, the Friends of Friends feature.  I don’t really know why I need to look at the friends of my friends or why I would want to be adding these people.  Oh well, some may find this feature useful.