Google Code for Educators

Google is a company that seems to care about the future. They have many programs in place to train the future computer scientists and to assist them as they develop their skills.  In the past I have attempted to try to bring their Google ambassador pizza program to the university but failed at that.  I guess the University of Regina isn’t on their list of schools that they want to be supporting.  Maybe someday I suppose.  Now, they have a new program called Google Code for Educators.  It has a number of items targetted at profs to use in their classes.  There are video lectures, sample course content, and tutorials on new technologies.  All of this is available for free and is given away with the creative commons license.  It is my hope that more profs will use resources like this as the material is very well written and a lot clearer than many of the profs.  The program itself was actually announced July 26 but old news can still be new news to me.