Nintendo Announces Wii Fit: Step Pad To Get Healthy

With Nintendo’s newly announced Wii Fit, with a step pad accessory for the Wii, I thought of the question, when did Nintendo start to care about the health of its customers? I know for the longest time now, Nintendo has been throwing in warnings about health into their games. Reminding players to take a break after playing for too long and reminding them to wear their wrist straps. This Wii Fit is a change in direction for them. When people get into better shape by using this step pad they might be more inclined to get out and participate in sports. This could end up hurting the company as people will spend less time playing games and playing their Wii. So thank you Nintendo for entertaining us for so many years, but I am wondering where your long term strategy is at by making exercise games. They really need to learn that if they want us to be gamers for life we need to be fat.

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Wii Fit: Step Pad To Get Healthy”

  1. That isn’t logical. Just because Nintendo makes a “healthier” game, people are not going to stop playing video games and start playing sports! Where is the study on that? People who like games like games. I think whether they are fat or not they are going to play. They probably aren’t going to loose 5 lbs on the Wii and go I’M OUT OF HERE LET’S DO FOOTBALL. Save the hysteria. Nintendo isn’t going to lose customers lol. In fact, you might even have people who buy the system specially for this game/workout when they wouldn’t have before…..

    P.S. That gamers are fat comment is just stupid. Damn you know what they say about assumptions….

  2. The gamers are fat comment was sarcasm. It was meant to reflect on the fact that Nintendo has been getting away from making good action games and making more quirky games and now it seems exercise games. For right now, the gimmick is selling but I don’t know how long it is going to last. Nintendo will probably sell a few systems to people wanting to exercise, but for the price of a Wii, those people can get a lot better use for their exercise dollars (especially if they don’t play other video games). I think that most people out there with Wii’s will probably buy the game use it for a couple weeks and move on to something new. Our society has zero patience to wait for results, if it doesn’t come instantly and easy they will move on / give up.

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