Gmarket reaching for new lows?

Gmarket Inc. (ADR) (NASDAQ : GMKT) shares has been steadily decreasing in value for the last week after they announced their 4Q profit being up 78 percent.  The shares have found themselves just above the $15 mark, which is getting closer and closer to their 52 week low of $12.28 and a far cry from their 52 week high of $28.00 which makes me wonder why is the stock slumping.  Could it be that the auction market for Korea isn’t that big?  Could it be that, even though they are making a profit, it just isn’t that much revenue?  Whatever the case, with the stock readjusted to its current pricing, it seems like it could be a takeover target.  The current lower demand for Asian stocks is surely just temporary and this stock is bound to bounce back sooner than later.

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