Microsoft Boosts Size of Xbox Memory Card

Microsoft announced that they will be releasing a new 512mb memory card for $49.99 on April 3rd.  With the announcement also comes a price reduction on the older 64mb memory cards from $39.99 to $29.99 which still seems overpriced.  My comment on the new memory card is, why stop at 512mb?  They could have easily released a 1gb or 2gb card for a little more and it would have allowed for more flexibility on the part of the consumer who enjoys a choice.

The increase in memory card sizes allows for Microsoft to increase the limit on Xbox Live Arcade titles from 50mb to 150mb.  This should allow for developers to create more impressive and more freedom when creating their live arcade titles.  This increase was probably asked for from developers as Microsoft’s competition, Sony, does not have such a small limit.  Although this new limit still pales in comparison to the Playstation 3, these two services are completely different.  Sony just in the last week, released a downloadable stripped down Tekken 5 game that was close to a 555mb download.  This is basically Tekken 5 minus a lot of the features.  Microsoft has been releasing original new games and classic titles.