SIRIUS Makes Some Changes

SIRIUS Satellite Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) are making some lineup changes for February 14, 2007.  On their Canadian site, they list the changes that will be affecting their customers.  They removed the Who channel, ABC news and talk, ESPN Deportes,  EWTN Catholic, and Hot Jams.  They are bringing in Nascar, some Play-By-Play channels, Foxxhole, Siriusly Sinatra,  Metropolition Opera Radio, and 90’s alternative.

The American Site has some different updates.  They are losing Hardcore Sports Radio, C-Span, Sports Byline, and Revolution while gaining the 90’s alternative, Sinatra, and Foxxhole.  I have a feeling people will be upset by losing any of their programming.  Some people probably liked the Hardcore Sports Radio, or C-Span and losing them will only make people upset.   I wonder if there will be any consumer backlash because of these changes.  We will find out soon enough!