W.A.S.P. singer orders security to take cell phones with ability to record!

“Dear fans, please DO NOT bring any cameras into the shows this fall as it is strictly prohibited to take pictures or recordings of the performance of W.A.S.P.! Security personnel at every venue will confiscate any cameras (including digital cameras and mobile phones with ability to record) from you before entering the venues.”

This sounds a lot like the Tool concert I was at in Edmonton last year. They were making everyone check in their cellphones and cameras at the coat check. You got them back after the show but it seemed silly to have to put cell phones there that had such terrible cameras on them. If I took pictures with my cellphone all I could see would be some blurry pixels and not a lot of anything. After we got into the Tool concert it seemed like security wasn’t so strict on everyone since some people had some decent cameras in and not just their cellphones. For the price of the ticket they should allow you to take whatever crappy pictures you want, so long as you aren’t selling them.

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