Light Bulbs

While reading some info about wind power, I noticed someones post and they linked to a very unique site.  The site is called One Billion Bulbs, and it lets people sign up and post about changing their light bulbs from standard incandescent light bulbs to more energy efficient CFL bulbs.  The site seems like a good cause and hopefully will motivate more people to consider the switch.   The overall goal for the site is to switch over 1 billion bulbs.  The site seems rather new as the number isn’t very high yet, only 8,456 as I write this.
In my house, we have been slowly changing over all our light bulbs to the compact fluorescents.  The whole movement towards the CFL bulbs is that they reduce energy usage, so its win-win.  You have a reduced energy bill and the environment is cleaner.  Be sure to check out the site and read up on light bulb technology!