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Upcoming Concerts?

There is someone that I know that really wants to go to a concert. The trouble is, other than Red Hot Chili Peppers coming up there isn’t really a lot out there.  If anyone knows of any concerts coming up let me know.  If not, I might have to think of something just as fun as a concert.

‘Chinese Made’ Condoms’ Strange Label; “Promotes Aids, Pregnancy, STDs”

After working in China for 8 months doing translation work and proofreading, I didn’t really see much value in the work I was doing. After taking a look at this, I can see a very big reason why my job was so valuable. It was my job to make sure that none of the documents contained any error even remotely comparable to this. Even though I wasn’t working for a condom manufacturer, I believe the principle is the same. . when the customer using your product reads something completely unreliable it makes the product seem unreliable. If I ever opened a business in China I would make certain that I hired native English speakers to go over every piece of documentation and signage to check for errors.

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Weight Gain

I just saw this interesting article while browsing Google News.  I am not affected it seems by lack of sleep but women appear to be.  From now on, all women should make sure to get good nights sleep and plenty of rest.  If your sleep patterns are being disrupted its a good idea to get them looked at and make sure the problem is fixed before it becomes an issue.

Trailer Park Boys

I am a really big Trailer Park Boys fan. Last week I went to the Mr Lahey and Randy show. It was a great time with lots of jokes of great interaction with the crowd. They really act superbly and in character. Definetly well worth the $10 admission. Today, I noticed that episodes 1 and 2 from Season 6 are being spread around the on the internet. This is amazing. . . the show doesn’t premiere till later in April so this is a major leak. The episodes are really good and have plenty of laughs. The quality of the show seems to be higher for some reason, possibly larger budget or maybe they all got better since they are doing that movie. That’ll be the next thing up, this summer is going to be awesome with the Trailer Park Boys movie. I can’t wait.

Time Flows

The past week has gone by without much of anything interesting happening. I have been keeping a close tab on the World Junior Curling championships in Jeonju Korea. Go Team Canada!! The official webpage for the championship hasn’t been that great and I seemed to have better luck with live results at another webpage. I sure hope they are having fun on the other side of the world.

In school news, I have a CS306 assignment due on Monday. That brings up another interesting fact; I raised the mark of my midterm by 10% by argueing with the prof about bits and bytes. . . He had given me 0 marks out of 10 on a question about the data rate of a T1 line. He told us about how there are 24 – 8 bit characters with 1 additional bit for framing. I did the calculation by using bytes not bits. I even made sure to point out that 8 bits = 1 byte. My final answer was 193KBps. So when I get it back with a zero I wasn’t sure what I did wrong. He even wrote a line “I don’t follow”. Needless to say, I argued this and explained it to him. In the end I got 8/10 , since he said my units were wrong. Don’t ask me how it was wrong since he didn’t specify he wanted it in bits. So since the test was out of 75, the arguement paid off.

8 bits = 1 byte

Weird Christmas Houselight Videos

I thought these weird Christmas videos would be interesting to everybody. People sure do have too much time on their hands to be able to do stuff like this. They have lights on their houses that are choreographed to go along with music. It is really neat to watch and provides for surprising good entertainment.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
**Video 1 and video 2 are from the same house and are different songs. Video 1 and Video 3 are different homes and the same song.**


“Sounds like somebody has a case of the monday’s” –Office Space
That quote is from a very funny movie called Office Space. It is a little older now but it is still very relevent to anyone who ever has to work at an office job. The movie was made by Mike Judge, aka the guy who made Beavis and Butt-Head. The movie itself is very memorable with plenty of quoteable characters. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out I would definitely recommend it.

Back to my Monday though. I finished my assignments for CS330 and CS350. I don’t really know how well I did on them but this late in the year I am not too concerned. My goal was to finish as much as I could as well as I could. While I was working on them I felt so tired, in the afternoon my older brother made me drink a large can of Jolt, and I had a slurpee, so I had plenty of caffeine. I think I just needed to get some sleep. Then on the way to going to sleep I decided to take a detour and watch some movies with my brothers before they went back to Alberta. We watched Over the Top, a very funny movie. The movie is suppose to be serious but it’s hard not to laugh. It is a movie about armwrestling and the top prize for world champion is a semi. Sylvester Stalone is the main character and he does a good job as an unintelligent but strong armwrestler/trucker. After this movie had finished we started up Naked Gun 33 1/3. I didn’t watch the whole movie since I had to goto sleep since I had school. This is actually suppose to be a funny movie.

The week is looking like it will be long, the next thing due will be my CS330 project.