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Playing Games

I have been playing my Xbox360 recently when I haven’t been working. It is a lot of fun but I could use some more games. I didn’t get any games for Christmas so I was stuck with Hexic HD, which is a really fun puzzle game. On Boxing Day, at Zellers I bought 2 games since all 360 games were $20 off. I got FIFA 2006, and Need For Speed Most Wanted.

I really like soccer so I thought FIFA would be a good choice. I have never owned a soccer game before so I’m still not sure what to expect. I have been frustrated so far with trying to control the ball good. . It seems like my players are passing even though I don’t tell them to. Other times, when I play defense I don’t know how to follow along with a player so I always end up sliding in and getting carded. I guess I just need to learn how to play a bit better.

Need for Speed Most Wanted is a good game. I always enjoy racing games so this one is doubly interesting with its single player story. Although the story is a little hokey I still find it interesting. I started the game off with the Cobalt SS, and switched to a Supra that I won from another rival after I beat him.

Also, from Microsoft’s training, I should have another two games coming along: Perfect Dark Zero, and Project Gotham Racing 3. I can’t wait for this order to finally get through. I imagine that there is quite the backlog with illegitimate people trying to get in on training prizes. The training program is only open to employees of elgible retailers. Which by the way means I am elgible. So the sooner that arrives the better.

I was also hoping to buy Call of Duty 2, and then today I was contemplating buying Dead or Alive 4. I guess I will have to see how fast I get through NFSMW. I still haven’t played any games online yet, but I hope to as soon as I get PGR3.

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and I think I have finished all my Christmas shopping for this year. I hope everyone likes the presents I got them. I wish everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Along with the Christmas break means I am working more. That means I am working during a really busy time of year. What I wish customers would understand is that if you are waiting for the last week before Christmas to do shopping you shouldn’t be expecting everything to be in stock. It really iritates me when a customer gets upset with me for not having something in stock. I just laugh in my head and try to explain that they will have to wait a couple weeks for it to come back in stock. Next week is going to suck. I am working 5 days, and also on boxing day. . 6:45am is going to suck. I guess I will get some more money now so that way I will have enough for the next semester of school that is starting in a couple weeks. I wish that these holiday breaks would last longer. I guess thats my fault for having such a late final.

Xbox 360 Gamercard

I added a cool gamercard from Xbox Live to my blog. You can see the information in the top right of the screen it displays all my information for Xbox Live. This is all to get me ready for the Xbox 360. Under my name on there you can also view my achievements. The whole thing is kind of cool, I hope that once I get the Xbox 360 I will be able to get a lot of the achievements and prove to everyone that I am good at gaming. Well. . prove to those who care.


Back last week, System of a Down’s new cd Hypnotize came out (Nov 22). That means a new cd for me to buy. I don’t many cd’s but I make sure to buy every System of a Down cd. This new cd is actually designed as a part 2 to Mesmerize (a really great cd). Everything was thought out and the cd cases are designed so that they can be put together to make a bigger double sized case. I bought the dual disc version so I also get the cd in a dvd format with some bonus video footage. I thought that the video was interesting and the music videos were great. Now all they have to do is release a concert dvd and I’m set.

1. Attack (***) 3:06
2. Dreaming (****) 3:59
3. Kill Rock ‘N Roll (****) 2:27
4. Hypnotize (*****) 3:09
5. Stealing Society (****) 2:57
6. Tentative (*****) 3:36
7. U-Fig (****) 2:54
8. Holy Mountains (****) 5:28
9. Vicinity of Obscenity (****) 2:51
10. She’s like Heroin (****) 2:43
11. Lonely Day (*****) 2:47
12. Soldier Side (*****) 3:39
Total track length 39:36


“Sounds like somebody has a case of the monday’s” –Office Space
That quote is from a very funny movie called Office Space. It is a little older now but it is still very relevent to anyone who ever has to work at an office job. The movie was made by Mike Judge, aka the guy who made Beavis and Butt-Head. The movie itself is very memorable with plenty of quoteable characters. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out I would definitely recommend it.

Back to my Monday though. I finished my assignments for CS330 and CS350. I don’t really know how well I did on them but this late in the year I am not too concerned. My goal was to finish as much as I could as well as I could. While I was working on them I felt so tired, in the afternoon my older brother made me drink a large can of Jolt, and I had a slurpee, so I had plenty of caffeine. I think I just needed to get some sleep. Then on the way to going to sleep I decided to take a detour and watch some movies with my brothers before they went back to Alberta. We watched Over the Top, a very funny movie. The movie is suppose to be serious but it’s hard not to laugh. It is a movie about armwrestling and the top prize for world champion is a semi. Sylvester Stalone is the main character and he does a good job as an unintelligent but strong armwrestler/trucker. After this movie had finished we started up Naked Gun 33 1/3. I didn’t watch the whole movie since I had to goto sleep since I had school. This is actually suppose to be a funny movie.

The week is looking like it will be long, the next thing due will be my CS330 project.

“Battlestar Galactica” Confirmed for Third Season

I just read this and am excited. For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of Battlestar Galactica you are missing out. It’s a really great show and anyone who is interested in science fiction should check it out. The only problem is that it is only available on SciFi channel. That means that everyone in Canada will have to find other means to watch the show. . such as buying the dvds.

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It’s that time again. This weekend I will be spending my time on Saturday at my Grandparents 50th Anniversary. It should be good, I know I’ll enjoy the food. My brothers are coming home from Alberta for the weekend to come along. It should be fun to spend some time with them.

Then I suppose Sunday will turn into a full day of trying to complete all of the assignments due on Monday. That won’t be so fun :( The two CS classes always seem to make me have homework over weekends. CS350 seems to be more important since the assignment is worth 8% of the total mark. Also, it has been simplied for everyone and questions 3 and 4 have been taken out. That just leaves questions 1 and 2. This seems to be like a big weight off my shoulderss.

What Happend?

I forgot to mention that I took out the original page that was here before. I felt this page was getting old and needed to be redone. I added a redirect from the old site location to the blog for everyone’s convenience. The new page looks better but for those of you that still wish to see the old page, you can do that by clicking on the “historical index” link on the side. The new site will allow me to more easily make updates and keep the site current. Stay tuned for more details.


I thought I would try something new. I put together this blog after messing around for a couple of hours. . I don’t know why it took so long to setup but I think it has something to do with not knowing what is going on. I thought I would try to be creative and I put the mysql server onto a ubuntu linux machine. Thanks again Derek for the Pentium 166mhz , haha. I suppose this is just an experiment to see if I could make it work. While I was working on getting this going I thought to myself that this is the kind of stuff that we should be doing for class assignments.

In school assignment news, I have been looking over the assignments that I will have due in the upcoming week or two. In Computer Science, I have a CS350 assignment (shortened) and a CS330 assignment due on Monday the 21st. On Monday the 28th, part 2 of the CS330 project will be due. Today I handed in the last Chemistry lab assignment, and next up will be the lab final in a couple weeks. As well, I have another English essay due on December 5th. This will be a major essay worth 20% so I am going to have to try really hard to give this mark a solid boost into the final.

In other news, I finally bought House of Flying Daggers today. I had already seen the show plenty of times already but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to own the DVD. This was one of my favorite shows that I saw while I was over in China. For those of you who have not seen it, it takes place in China a long time ago. It seems similar in style to Hero, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. So if you liked either of those I’m sure you will like this.