Tomorrow will be my EDO Friday so I’ll be able to sleep in and rest. After playing soccer last night, when I really shouldn’t have, I can use to take a day of rest. Saturday morning I am working bright and early, luckily I’m off early enough so I should be able to catch the Rider game. I have a feeling they are going to do well and most likely win this time. The past couple of games they seemed to control the entire game only giving up a few “big” plays. If they could limit the gains on these big plays they would be an amazing team. They do really well on first downs normally causing a loss. Their problem comes in when the defense is up against second and long. I don’t know how many times they were let a big play off of that. I think if its second and long play zone defense and make sure nothing is caught; they always want to rush the quarterback. Oh well, I’m not a football expert.


Yesterday we lost a very close game to REU Under 18, 2 to 1. It was so close in fact they only scored the last goal to go ahead in the last minute of the game. I thought I played well but seemed to be tackled way too often. My right foot has been bruised in three different location. There is a bruise on the top of the foot, probably caused by me powering through someone. There is another bruise on the inside of the foot which is probably just from getting kicked. The worst bruise is on the heal area, caused by a slide tackle in the closing seconds of the game. I hate that team and am glad we don’t have to play them again. Our next game is a makeup game on Wednesday, should be interesting depending on if I can walk by then.

AMD buys ATI for $5.4 Billion

AMD, the cpu maker, bought out ATI, the graphics card maker, for $5.4 Billion dollars. Overall, the deal will result in a very powerful company that should be able to beat Intel. AMD should be able to create more powerful integrated chipsets and a more complete package. On the other hand, there is one less Canadian company, and a more powerful American company in its place.

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2006-2007 NHL Schedule Released

Hockey is back! Well not quite yet, but the regular season will start October 4th. The Toronto Maple Leafs will be in action and I’ll be watching the game. I am in sports denial recently, after the World Cup finished there hasn’t been anything on tv to watch. Hopefully the Leafs will put on a good show this season with their new coach and a relatively unchanged line-up. They have gotten younger so that is always a good thing in the new NHL. It seems weird that Mats Sundin is the oldest player on the team now.

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Tesla EV Roadster pics leaked!

The Tesla EV Roadster was unveiled in California. This is an amazing electric supercar that has a lot of potential. the car was designed by an ex-Lotus engineer so that is why it closely resembles the Elise. It is also being built by Lotus for Tesla. The car has a 0-60 time in about 4 seconds, it can go 250 miles on a single charge, and a top speed of 135 mph. All that from an electric engine. Since it is electric the engine produces no noise, is a lot more efficient than a traditional combustion engine, and can be “refuelled” for cheap. If I had a lot of money and lived in the United States in one of the few markets that it is going to be available in, I would be buying one for sure. The cost on it is expected to be between $80,000 to $120,000. The only potential downfall I can see is the life of the battery. They have said it should last 100,000 miles on a charge but they don’t reveal any details on replacement costs. Since it basically uses 6,831 lithium-ion laptop batteries, I have a feeling it could be a costly replacement. Here’s hoping that they are successful with their venture and that these electric cars catch on. Hopefully not another DeLorean.

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Traffic Delays

Finally, on the way to work today, they started the resurfacing of the trans-Canada from Regina to Emerald Park. It is about time this project got started as the highway is terrible. I’m just going to have to get used to the delays for hopefully only a week and then everyone can enjoy the fresh pavement. Some of the problems with the road were ruts, and cracks, pot-holes, and in some places it wasn’t very level causing jumps. I wonder if the police will come back afterwards since speeding could be an issue on the flat surfaces??

Off Week

Back to work for the full week again. This time though, I won’t have any soccer games to distract me. Yesterday, I played some football at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. It was basically my first time ever going to the ledge on a weekend to play football. I never realized how busy the park around there was. The parking lots were full and a lot of people were walking throughout the park and having a good time. My football game was fun and I got some good exercise. Probably a good thing I got the exercise since without soccer for almost 2 weeks I might go out of whatever shape I got into.


Last night I bought Frogger on the Xbox Live Arcade. I thought it was really good. It cost me 400 Microsoft points or around $6 or so. The game itself is a port of the original arcade game with more features added on. I could see myself playing it a lot since it is really nice to just be able to pick up and play without having to get into it. In case you don’t know, Frogger is a very simple game where you are a frog. The objective is to make it across a street and a river and get to the other side. The main challenges are the criss-crossing of traffic, logs, and lilly-pads. This may sound simple but as you progress it speeds up and other obstacles start appearing such as snakes. Overall I would give this Live Arcade game an 8/10!


This is normally the middle of the week but since I have Friday off it is actually just past half. White City vs. Capital Chargers tonight should be interesting. Capital Chargers are a really good team and have beaten us twice so far. Hopefully we will be able to get a good preformance, I believe some of our players will not be around though.

Today is going to be a big day for the red paperclip guy. He is in Kipling finalizing the trade for his house. It has been one year to the day that he started his trading scheme project. I have a feeling this fad tourism that Kipling is going to generate will be good for their local economy. It’s probably hard for them to attract people that far away from anything since it is in the middle of nowhere. I have a hard time believing the guy will actually live in the town. Whatever he decides to do, its amazing what you can do with a paperclip.

Huge Win

Last night White City played QC U18. We won the game 7 to 0. We had a two subs so we definetly had a good turn out. Also, the fact that the other team was an under 18 team helped out too. So, with this win and the default win last week wednesday our season looks to be turning around. Well, just kidding, for our team to have any sort of continued success we need to get lots of people out to games and keep the game simple.

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