Bahrain Grand Prix

The Formula 1 season kicked off this weekend. I have always been a huge F1 fan. In the past I used to really like Jacques Villeneuve, since he was Canadian but in recent years he has been driving unreliable, uncompetitive rides. I think I sort of will always cheer for Villeneuve but about 3 years ago I really started to enjoy the driving of Fernando Alonso. He is from Spain but he drives really really well. He drives for Renault. Villeneuve this year will be driving for BMW Sauber. . I think this will be a competitive ride with Jacques having a lot more success.

The Bahrain Grand Prix was very exciting and this season sure started off good. Villeneuve’s race came to an end with a firey blown engine. It was a pity since he was doing well and was looking to finish in the top 6 for sure. The main part of the race though was a battle between Shumacher and Alonso. It wasn’t until close to the end that Alonso pulled off a couple of fast laps and got a really nice pit stop to get ahead. . He won the race and started off a new season out in front of the Constructers Championship. Shumacher finished second. Raikonen who started in 20th place (crashed in qualifying) finished 3rd. I can’t wait for the next race!