Two Years of Digging!

“Hard to believe, but two years ago today, Kevin decided my code was bug- free enough to take down the beta sign and unleash Digg upon the world. It’s been a crazy and exciting time since then, and we owe it all to you – the loyal and passionate members of the Digg community.” Thanks everyone and Happy Birthday to all! : ) –kevinrose

I remember finding out about digg very early. I know I wasn’t hardcore enough to actually know about the site on the first day but I would have to say I was among the first group. I had gone to the site a few times in December 2004, and then it was also mentioned on one of the first episodes of TWIT (this week in tech, previously known as Return of the Screen Savers). I registered my username in April, since I’m such a big lurker who doesn’t see the need to contribute. It has been a pleasant past couple of years for Digg, with visitor numbers constantly increasing and the site expanding into areas beyond tech. I can’t wait to see what else is going to be in store for the next birthday.

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